Support Our Circle

6th Annual SOC Walk

Saturday, February 18, 2017

10:00 a.m.

Indoor Concourse of

INTRUST Bank Arena

Wilbur Middle School - Captain: Stacey Stockemer

Come Join Us For The Arc's Circle of Friends 6th annual SOC Walk!

Team Goal

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My Team
Baker, Aubri
Barlow, Sara
Black, Michelle
Bretches, Katie
Bretches, Matt
DeFever , Hanna
Fuchs, Andrew
Hesler Fuchs, nancy
Honas, Lori
Johnson, Julie
Lincicome, Ashleigh
Lincicome, Dorie
Linneman, Les
Peschka , Margie
Peschka , Maria
Peschka , Steve
Rosales , Brynn
Snow, Sarah
Stockemer, Amelia
Stockemer, Blaise
Stockemer, Claire
Stockemer, Elizabeth
Stockemer, Gordon
Stockemer, Julia
Stockemer, Matthew
Stockemer, Melanie
Stockemer, Stacey
Taylor, Kelly
Ward , Angela

Come join our team and help us Support Our Circle.  The Arc's Circle of Friends is touching and changing lives in area schools. You can show your support by walking with us on February 18th at Intrust Bank Arena or by making a donation.

Thank you to our supporters!
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